As I shut my eyes
I wish I could shut out 

The madness,

That is dancing on my sanity. 

A fire burns in my mind 

Casting careless silhouettes  

On the walls. 

As the smoke rises 

So does my heartbeat 

As my heart beats, 

I become unsynced,

My lungs shrink 

Smaller than I feel 

I cannot breathe. 

Fear is consuming me. 

My vision gets dark 

Around the edges 

And I can’t tell

Reality from fantasy. 

My eyes betray me

With tears 

I thought had left me. 

These thoughts 

They have not left me. 
One, Two, Three. 

It’s over as quickly 

As it all started 

But I’m different 

Since it all started. 
One, Two, Three. 

I am a slave 

To my own mind 

And all I want

Is to be free

If only my legs 

Didn’t feel so heavy,

I’d run. 

I am chained to my emotions. 
One, Two, Three. 

My emotions

That lurked in the shadows waiting,

For a glimpse of vulnerability 

To attack me. 
One, Two, Three. 

In these moments 

I am helpless. 

I am hopeless. 

I am less

Of what I was before. 

Left wondering,

If I can take this anymore. 
One, Two, Three. 



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