I knew you had found Someone else 

When you stopped 

Talking to me. 

When you cut me off 

Like a light switch. 

And now it’s dark. 

And it’s not just because it’s dark 

That I can’t see 


I can’t see past

The past. 

Memories come in floods

Wash over me 

And I wish I wasn’t such a fighter

I wish I couldn’t swim 

Because I’d rather drown

in nostalgia 

than to see you floating away 

In a different lifeboat 

Without me. 

But with her. 

And I can’t help but think 

Maybe there was something. 

Maybe there is something 

I could do to change your mind

But I’m slowly realizing 

That reality is what is changing 

And our minds are the same 

It’s just too bad that we love

With our hearts and not our minds 

And I can’t change anatomy. 

I want to rekindle your feelings for me. 

It’d be easy. 

I know. 

But I linger 

With the match between 

my shaking fingers 

And I drop it unlit 

Knowing you’d be happier 

Without me 

Because I already broke you

And I can’t fix it

I can’t fix you. 

But maybe she can. 


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