I’m just a convince for you 
You can come in

Whenever you want 

But I can never leave. 

I’m not a priority 

found anywhere on your list. 

Our foundation is slowly

Being washed away 

By waves on opposing shores. 

And I feel like 

I’m drowning

Even though 

I know how to swim. 

Communication is the key 

And I guess you swallowed yours 

And the one I have 

Won’t open the door. 

I try to tell myself 

How hard you try

When you try 

To explain your feelings. 

But an explanation 

Is not always enough, love. 

And I’m doing 

most of the work, here. 

I’m the one pulling the strings 

And you’re just dancing along. 

And my hands are getting tired 

And you say

Your hands are tied 

Do you not see 

the predicament we are in?

But I can’t take this anymore

Something has to change. 

If you still want this 

Fight for it

If not surrender 

I’ve been fighting 

For a while now. 

It’s your turn 

I want this

More than anything. 

But not if you don’t. 


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