Our love we have 
It breaks laws 

It jumps fences 

It trespasses. 

It’s a dangerous 

Thing we hold in our hands, 

In our hearts. 

It’s the hot stove

Our mother warned us 

Not to touch 

As everyone now 

Warns us

We are too young 

But they 

Can’t possibly know

How it feels to be 

So love drunk. 

Drunk off each other. 

We cant tame their mouths 

But we can show

Their eyes 

Something they’ve 

Never seen before

When we survive

The struggles 

They thought we 

Would succumb to. 

Because our love is chaotic

We are a hurricane

We are going 

To take the world by storm. 

Destroy those who hate 

Because they could never love

Like we do. 

They call us crazy 

But they don’t realize 

Love makes you crazy

It makes you insane. 

And we could care less about 

Our sanity for your clarity. 

This love is a mess 

We will refuse to clean up 

Because of your OCD. 

It’s a mind racing your heart

Kind of love 

But when it comes down to it,

Go with your gut 

Kind of love 

And we can see you’re starving 

But we’ve never been more full. 

When you’re struggling to survive

We’ve never felt so alive. 

But we are dying 

To hear you

Challenge us 

So we can prove you wrong 

You scream ‘love is blindness’

But we are the ones with our

Blind folds off. 

We will never surrender 

To you trying to cut us down 

We will chain ourselves together

Until the words you speak 

Mean nothing and you

Eventually get weak. 

Or perhaps 

Until you meet someone

Who shows you what we mean

When we say:

We’re in love. 

And God damn, 

If love isn’t the most beautiful thing. 


2 thoughts on “Love. 

  1. Nice work. I do not have poetry skills but appreciate reading poems of others I can agree with.
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    Keep working and we will all learn more.


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