People don’t break. 
They snap,

From bending 

Over backwards

For things they can’t have. 

Twisting and turning 


Conforming into

Everything they ever

Wanted you to be. 

Smiling because of 

Whats on the outside 

Because no one wants 

To venture into the inside. 

Not even you,

Who hides behind 

Unlocked doors

Who covers mirrors

So you don’t see

Yourself for 

who you really are

Who plays music loud

Enough to make ears bleed 

Because your conscious’

Throat is bleeding 

From yelling at you 

And it always seems 

Like you’re at a crossroads

But you never look both ways

Before you cross the road

And you don’t know how long

You’ve been traveling down this road

But it feels like eternity. 

And your feet are bloodied 

And your body is fatigued 

And you stink of sweat and fear 

Your heart pounds inside your chest 

And your vision is blurred

Staggering instead of walking 

Your speech is slurred 

Even though you’re not talking 

The voices echo in your head 

This madness was once a simple thought. 



Grown into a beast 

Meant to protect you 

That’s now turned against you 

Go ahead, scream

No one will hear you. 

Above the sound of this chaos. 

And as your sanity is being crushed 

And you feel weak at your knees 

And when you can’t breathe 


People don’t break. 

They snap. 


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