The skeletonsIn my closet

Are dancing 

With my enemies 


Around the fire

They sing 

Of how they’ll 

Bring me down. 

Gather round!

They yell 

Into the darkness 

That is my life

I’ve decided. 

They are vultures

That have picked 

What is rotten off of me. 

Overlooked my entirety

To fill their bellies

With certainty 

Of my guilt. 

All will be revealed 

In the light 

I won’t be able 

To hide in the shadows. 

Everyone will watch

As I am paraded 

Down the streets 

Of my mistakes. 

Eyes stare

Filled to the brim 

With hate. 

There is no turning back now. 

I was once a person

Now I am an example. 

Their eyes burn through me,

Their words pierce my skin,

Their actions speak louder 

Than the voices in my head. 


I stand tall. 

With my head held high. 

Looking past my mistakes. 

For they are not me.  

I am,



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