There’s a battle in my mind

And a storm in my heart. 

A civil war,

A thunderstorm. 

A bloody mess,

A disaster. 

Casualties of thought,

Puddles in my heart. 

Cries of help echo in my mind 

As lightening cracks my core. 

Sides hurl insults against each other 

The storm rages on. 

All want answers but no one has any. 

All want shelter, but whose?  

Questions ring in my head like bullets 

They hang themselves with my heartstrings. 

I pray for the violence to stop. 

I’ve grown tired of the rain. 

Desires of peace 

And rainbows

Whither away 

By knives in backs. 

Washed away 

By floods. 

With death

With destruction

Things begin again. 

The future is defined by the past. 


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