A friend of mine sang
You can’t always get what you want. 

And sometimes the stars just don’t align

And you can’t quite reach the top shelf

So you leave the walls of your mind

To try and figure it all out 

And you find yourself with weak knees

Walking down a road to nowhere in particular 

And you stop at the crossroads

To meet the devil, soul in hand

But even he doesn’t want your soul.

So you put it in your pocket and keep walking. 

Skeletons stalk you

Crows taunt you

Shadows of deceit are cast before you 

Trees morph into monsters 

And you don’t know 

Whether to ignore them

Face them

Or run from them 

Anxiety and regret eats at you

Consumes you 

Spits you back out. 


Out of breathe. 

Left for dead. 

Vulture circle overhead. 

Time dwindles

As you come crawling back 

To the confines of your mind 

Wishing you had never left. 


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